New Pissy Amateurs Clips

Pissing on the parquet (24 July 2017)

She climbed on the table and opened her legs. She really really must pee now, and touches her pussy to release herself. Soon she shoots her pee jets all over the table and on the parquet. PISSA017

Pissing on the balcony (18 July 2017)

She lights a cigarette and goes out on the balcony to relax. Smoking makes her so relaxed that she releases her bladder right there, wetting all the balcony floor. She then grabs a mop and cleans it good. PISSA016

Sexy big tits girl piss in a plate (09 July 2017)

A sexy girl with big boobs open her legs and pee in the plate for the aromatic plants. The plate has been made to perfume the air in the room, but she has a better idea. She spray her pee all over the plate and on the aromatic plants, shooting multiple jets while her boobs bounces. She empty herself on the plate. PISSA015

My special blend of coffee (23 June 2017)

I watch how my wife fill the jar with her golden liquid and then she brews my special blend of coffee so I can enjoy it's full flavor . PISSA014

Sexy pissy girl smokes and... (15 June 2017)

She is dressed like a sexy call girl, she sits on a chair with her legs wide opened and she has no panties on her. She smokes to relax her vaginal muscles and then she pee right there on the floor. PISSA013

Sexy BBW pissing and sucking cock (12 June 2017)

A sexy BBW loves to take a shower, she kneels in the bath tub and suck  the cock of her boyfriend a little, then she pisses in several jets. PISSA012

Pissing in the shower in jets (30 May 2017)

A skinny girl open her legs wide and piss in the shower in many jets. PISSA011

Taking a piss in the shower (23 May 2017)

A sexy blonde plays with her partner, then she feels the need to pee, and her partner loves to watch her. She goes to the shower and pee in her pantyhose layer under the curious eyes of her partner. PISSA010

Chubby girl pee in the shower (14 May 2017)

A chubby girl dressed in a nice lingerie pee all over the shower and play with her pussy. PISSA009

Dirty slut loves to pee in the shower (10 April 2017)

She cannot pee in the toilet, so she goes in the shower, sits down and spread her pussy lips wide, and pee moaning in pleasure. PISSA008